Badminton Stringing

At Penlan Badminton Club we have the benefit of having a badminton stringer.

State of the art electronic badminton stringing for a consistent and accurate tension.

A professional service at club prices. Email for details or visit

With a selection of top strings from Yonex, Ashaway, Victor and Gosen. Whatever your preferred string set up, there’s something for you.

Our stringer uses the latest high-tech electronic machine.
Benefits of Electronic stringing.
Electronic Constant Pull for a totally precise string tension. Unlike manual crank or dropweight machines which require regular calibration to produce consistent tensions.

With an electronic machine, the tension you ask for is the tension you get every time.

All strings lose tension over time, an electronic machine uses a pre-stretch function to limit this tension loss by adding 10% and then returning to the desired tension. This added 10% means your racquet will hold it’s tension better than the cheaper manual machines.